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Modern Italian 

Layer up what is Ripped Hey girls, Decoding the modern Italian sense of Fashion that is totally on the Move. Layering up A Smart , classy and unique blend of hiphop jeggings with italian Trenchcoats. Eraticaly out of a Suspense thriller this is how i would Define my attire from THE DRESSING ROOM . Head […]

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Connected Closets | Once Again

Talking about Girl Dramas, We always land up buying that one expensive Dress but we never actually wear it, or eventually stop even Looking at it after wearing it a couple of times. Well, People dont like to Repeat stuff . Something of that sort happens to me too a million times. My closet is […]

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Solid couture | The Dressing Room 

Solid couture | The Dressing Room Breaking the monotony and rushing into the fever of typical dressup scenario. I am here  to show you what i picked up from my favourite online  spot THE DRESSING ROOM  Wake up girls incase you are sitting like your daily self and sulking inside . Its time to wake up […]

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Open up A Surprise Redbox

Hello my lovely followers A very happy independence day to you all.I bring you a pleasureful surprise at the end of the blog.KEEP READING!! I cannot curtail my excitement to show you this cute REDBOX that arrived at my doorstep. I am Pampering myself with the cute galore of glamour and passion . Who doesnt […]

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 5 Trendiest Wardrobe Staples that you shouldn’t miss.

 5 Trendiest Wardrobe Staples that you shouldn’t miss. Staying upto date on fashion is really important these days . Some Trendy Attires are moving at such a fast pace that before you can actually make up your mind to go and buy them they  Already go out of Stock. Yes Girls are really competitive out […]

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