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Crimson Red | Azure

 Hello my lovely people , The Upcoming two  weeks are going to be very hectic for me. I am on the verge of giving my university exams , but will make sure posts keep coming . Incase there are slight delays in posts I am sure you all shall understand that I am going to […]

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Candy Floss | Hop on sexy

 My very significant way of wearing side slit dresses in a sexy way went so much on Rage . To my surprise my page hit maximum views  the day  I posted ” Sexy Silhouette ”  over my Blog . I still laugh when I look into the Graph of my statistical views.The Graph suddenly breaks […]

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Concert Look

We have almost hit three fourth part  of year 2015  . I am already excited for international  season of concerts and music festivals that are going to happen in sometime. In case you are planning to buy early bird tickets for sunburn you may also decide your concert outfit as well  . Personally speaking about […]

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Festive Wear 

Hello Viewers, Ganesh Chaturthi happens to be just  right around the corner. New vibes are taking over the town. Our country is going to be filled with so much energy and vibrations , idol darshans and much more.Are you as Excited as me. There are going to be so many guests  visiting your place. Its […]

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Live in Denims| Deal Jeans

For a very first time decoding my personal and everyday style onto my Blog . Something that every girl is keen on to look smart and Fabulous on every other day in the best and simplest pair of her denims. Denims throw the First impressions , Witness our Youth, First mistakes , First kisses, First […]

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