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 About ArchAttire 
Archattire is India’s first premium website that explores architecture, fashion, lifestyle under one domain. Architecture and Fashion are no different. The  right choices a person forges  from these two basic aspects builds a sound and exemplary lifestyle for human. Everyone strives to curate  into the trendiest of attire, be it hippiest housing or the most fashionable clothing.

 Archattire perceives to curate an  optimum lifestyle for everyone . It strives to bridge the dearth of untouched sanctum of relating strong architecture with luxuriously fashionable lifestyle. A platform dictated to cover everything  foremost, crisp and edgy so that you frame best of the choices from the architecture, fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.


Swati Sharma 
Founder & Creative Director
Swati Sharma, an Architect herself forges forward her equal inclination into design through her perspect into fashion and architecture. While pursing Architecture she ventured into digital marketing and curating personalized content for brand promotions. She says.”Studying Architecture gives me a better understanding of all the creative aspects about designing and building sustainable attires. It gave me a better perspective of relating to space values, textures and colour play which helps interpret fashion easily. I believe If you are a creative person your creativity cannot be derailed. If it exists in you it has to spread in all the other aspects of your life too. Listening to the creative head inside me I realised Architecture and Fashion are two basic attires needed for human’s survival. Since then Archattire pledges to serve both.”