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  Own all your true callings “My Personal flow of life from labelling myself as an architect to an influencer to calling myself an explorative artist and owning it all!” Well if you are left wondering that “No Labels Please – former title option of this blog” is coming from a space of commitment phobia, […]

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Hello sweater weather! I don’t need an Uber. I need reindeers to take me on a magical ride. Also Santa, “Please whip some hot chocolate and warm latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon dust.” They call it the best time of the year! But if you ask me there is always some magic in the […]

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Are you, who you want to be?

Shedding Layers / Realness I am writing after eight months and nothing feels the same. Today I am most connected to who I truly am but like they say it, “There is light after darkness.” And it stands true to my story too. At the beginning of 2019 my life took a stand still, and […]

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People around the world have been designing and building amazing buildings for the past three thousand years or more. They are constructed in homage to loved ones, as graves for the deceased, as homes to reside in and locations intended for job. Occasionally they originate from errors, and sometimes they are constructed merely to demonstrate […]

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Dare to Jump From These 10 Places of Skydiving!!

I’ve always considered skydiving to be one of those things that you never have to do again when you cross it from your bucket list. But after doing this I believe I ought to look more like a tattoo at skydiving – it can’t only happen once. If you’ve been considering giving it a try […]

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CALLING OCEAN! 10 Best Beach Destinations Around the World.

Beaches are the traveling world’s Valium. They soothe, relax, create you understand that sometimes “true life” requires to escape. Very few individuals are susceptible to the beach’s magical appeal.  Whether you are interested in sunbathing, sports, or studying the underwater environment, or just looking at the endless possibilities of the horizon. There’s no...

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Why Iris Van Harpen’s Collection Hypnosis Moved Crowds at Paris Haute Couture AW19?

Iris Van Herpen Displays Her Mesmerizing Technology at Hypnosis Couture Collection Different countries have dynamic cultures when it comes to fashion. It is not strange to see that some fashion events have remained popular to date by evoking a subject of interest amongst the experts and stakeholders in the fashion and design industry. Today I […]

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