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Clear your mind of you can’t

Clear your mind of you can’t Its about the calm energy that keeps you on your toes. Its about the inner self that adheres true to your soul. Its about the agony never leaving you alone. Its about finding love in your body because that’s  your home. Its about the flower that never withers away […]

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Pursuit of power – Van Heusen

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself, comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me that is the true essence of beauty. In the most flamboyant nature of style the most exaggerated version of a woman who exudes class is actually quite literally  a subtle version of crisp and clean […]

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A Scintillating Romance at Times Glamour

“No one’s born glamorous, Glamour comes from what we do”. A girl transforms herself into a lady when she adorns herself with a fine piece of jewel. It is a delicate armour that sparkles the bold synergy a woman beholds facing the world head on. Similarly, Times Glamour honored me by inviting to be a part […]

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Mont Blanc Defines Legacy at Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

“The Difference between good and great is attention to detail.” The courageously subtle white star logo that stands for ‘Montblanc’- German manufacturers of  luxury writing instruments, watches, jewelry and  leather goods indigenously works with amplified  luxury  standards that  has been mandating their qualitative niche in the world since 110 years. The über class...

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Get Flawless Skin With Maybelline New York FitMe! 

#MADETOFIT Valentines week has begun  which calls for a bang on prepping season to look flawlessly beautiful. We’re always demanding the best fit and the right match to let our individuality shine – with clothes, shoes, accessories, relationships and so much more! Then why not with makeup? Now there’s makeup that doesn’t hide or mask, but compliments and perfects your […]

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  Denim will never go out of style, but there’s a good chance you’ll get tired of the same pair of jeans sitting in your closet at some point. What Better way to bid  our goodbyes to a year that went off with that lightning speed than starting off this super marvelous 2016 with an […]

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Festive Wear 

Hello Viewers, Ganesh Chaturthi happens to be just  right around the corner. New vibes are taking over the town. Our country is going to be filled with so much energy and vibrations , idol darshans and much more.Are you as Excited as me. There are going to be so many guests  visiting your place. Its […]

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Modern Italian 

Layer up what is Ripped Hey girls, Decoding the modern Italian sense of Fashion that is totally on the Move. Layering up A Smart , classy and unique blend of hiphop jeggings with italian Trenchcoats. Eraticaly out of a Suspense thriller this is how i would Define my attire from THE DRESSING ROOM . Head […]

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Connected Closets | Once Again

Talking about Girl Dramas, We always land up buying that one expensive Dress but we never actually wear it, or eventually stop even Looking at it after wearing it a couple of times. Well, People dont like to Repeat stuff . Something of that sort happens to me too a million times. My closet is […]

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Open up A Surprise Redbox

Hello my lovely followers A very happy independence day to you all.I bring you a pleasureful surprise at the end of the blog.KEEP READING!! I cannot curtail my excitement to show you this cute REDBOX that arrived at my doorstep. I am Pampering myself with the cute galore of glamour and passion . Who doesnt […]

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