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Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take , but by the moments that take our breath away. This world is a magical place with time frames always revolving , trying  to connect people because every person plays a  part in our lives. We live with the distilling thoughts of reliving  the […]

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Working  Hard- Playing Harder at T24 Residency

On A VaQua–tion  Summers in May are getting really hard to beat. I get you guys !! May has no mercy on us. How lucky are those  school kids enjoying vacations at home and watching Pogo for 8 hours straight . Where as we are hustling around our Jobs and gulping in 40 degrees of […]

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Country Fringe | The Style Syndrome

Offbeat romance of country side Denims , Tan Fringes and Classic cowboy boots . Today i am here to show you American Country style . Head on to my Blog .Lets learn how to mimic American country girl . 1.Fringe Drama Fringe Movement started off from western America and now it has taken the world […]

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Chic Resort Style | Dangerous Clothing Cartel

Technically we never spoke on what’s Trending this Rainy Season . While Monsoons are suddenly on high !! It’s pouring like Crazy here in Bombay . We all have Resorts on our mind . Let’s plan on some trendy Resort wear . Head on to my Blog to see trending Jumpsuit for a perfect Resort […]

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Frosty Formals

For Style Crusaders transforming from A Casual Look to Semi formal sometimes could be a Fuss .Here is my quickest move to quickly crusade from a casual skirt and top look to A Semi-Formal Meeting.Invented this Frosty look with Icy Mint and Carbon Blue .Icy Pastel hues are sweet peaceful delight to watch.Let me tell […]

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 Goan Evenings | Missamore | Indiacircus

Indiacircus -Poetic story of Indian spirit A Hippie Location with Indi vibes. Goa is much about Gatherings.It’s a place to be social and spend time of serenity with your friends,family and yourself. Some visit Goa with the Thrill of Exploring Happiness and finding the limits of their highs while some visit Goa because The Backdrop […]

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Delhi Girl – Feminism

Hello there readers, I have always wanted to do a blog post that promotes feminism in India and to start with feminism which city could have been better than our Capital city Delhi !Feminism means taking control of your life,your surroundings,your world as a female.Feminism is taking charge and being opinionated .Feminism is freedom to […]

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Three ways to style Black Dress

Hello viewers, Today we are talking about the story of LACE AFFAIR on collaboration with designer Shreya Kamble , we both decided to add Some sheer lace to our outfits , i wore black silhouette lace dress and Shreya rocked in her black sheer crop top.It was a collaboration shoot and double is always twice […]

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Spring Street Style

Hello guys, So springs are here .But why is it called Spring ? Because everything around in nature is blooming  fearlessly in full swing , So isn’t this the best time to learn something from mother nature and bloom with confidence and bring our inner goodness out fearlessly?  I am not the kind of a […]

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